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I can’t even with this book?! Where to even start with this epic book?! Can we just talk about how badass and HOT all these characters are?! I mean Tamlin, Lucien, Fayre, RHYSAND. *swoons* Sarah J Maas knows how to deliver a hell of a fantasy novel! I went into this book not knowing much about it at all only that it was going to be sort of like a Beauty and the Beast retelling and if I’m being completely honest I was just dying to get my hands on anything that Maas was currently writing. (Especially after a lot of my bookish friends were raving about it!!) I mean… the fact that she had SEVEN HIGH LORDS, Lord of the rings anyone? Eh, eh?! I loved that! I loved how DESCREPTIVE and SPECIFIC she was with that fucking curse, LIKE COME ON!!!! Feyre’s character development was so freaking amazing! I mean we have her in the beginning just trying everything and anything she can to try and go back home to her family and no matter how much Tamlin tries to court her she just won’t give in! She’s so damn stubborn and the fact that she had rather spend time with Lucien instead of Tamlin was doing me in! Haha! It sucked so bad that they couldn’t just straight up tell her about that damn curse! Watching her grow from the beginning to the end was fantastic!! I was also totally not expecting her to become one of the High Fae, so when that happened I flipped and squealed with happiness, like holy fucking shit! HELL YEAH, this is going to make this story so much more kick ass, because if she was already a badass you know she’s going to be even more in the upcoming books and then having a SEXY High Lord by her side?! Maas is going to KILL ME. *Swoons Forever*I also really liked how Lucien and Feyre’s friendship turned out even if he couldn’t do much he still tried so hard for her! For a minute when Amarantha put Feyre to kill those three fearies and she said it was two young males and a woman I had a bad feeling they were going to be Alis and her two nephews you should have seen my relief when I realized I was wrong. As much as I loved all the others there was one person I’m so freaking intrigued to know more about… RHYSAND! Holy guacamole, I don’t fully understand what his motives are or what he’s really trying to achieve but I just can’t hate him right now because even if he made a devils deal, he actually HELPED Feyre so, so much and when he needed some peace & quiet he actually went to HER, I mean come on!! A guy who is “evil” and “bad” doesn’t just go on and do… THAT. BUT… but… I also can’t say I love him either because like I said I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT HIS MOTIVES ARE and I’m dying to know what made him look at Feyre the way he did when he went to say goodbye to her. UGHH. In the beginning I really disliked Nesta! Feyre was the youngest of them all and she was the one providing for her family so they wouldn’t starve to death and her sisters and father wouldn’t do SHIT to help her! But man oh man did I get the surprise of my life when we realized Nesta was never fooled by Tamlin’s glamour, my jaw dropped! HER character development was very shocking, very emotional that I had tears in my eyes, finally big sister taking care of little sister, I loved that! I love how sometimes this story was slow but never ever boring, everything that Maas wrote about had a point in the story… I loved how she incorporated those Bogge things, they kind of reminded me of dementors! It’s like she took something from all these fantasy stories and made it all her own AND IT FLIPPIN’ WORKS FOR HER. I’m so, so excited to continue with this amazing series and I cannot wait to have book two in my hands waiting until next year will possibly be the death of me! So torturous!!!!