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The Ruby Circle

The Ruby Circle - Richelle Mead I absolutely LOVED this book.
Reading about Adrian since Vampire Academy and seeing him become the man he is now is so beautiful.
He grew up so much as a character and for that I am very, very proud! The whole Olivia and Neil broke my heart but damn does it give me hope for when Mead said we hadn't seen the last of these guys. I'm a little sad we didn't hear much more from Marcus, Trey, Angeline, Ms. Terwilliger and Wolfe... I was also so proud of Sydney for standing up to her asshole of a father. Clearly we know who the bigger person is here since she could have easily ratted him out for all he has done to her, but she didn't. I'm also stoked Dimitri and Rose are engaged! YAYE! Even though they didn't come out as much in this series I'm seriously so glad we got to read about them more in this book because I had missed and love them so much! and finally I'm glad Eddie got over it and made Jill his girl. :)
I'm so excited to see what else Richelle has in store for us in this awesome Vamp world. I'll miss them... but until then.