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Saint Anything

Saint Anything - Sarah Dessen 3.8 / 5.0
I feel like there won’t ever be a time where I don’t read something Sarah Dessen writes. She’s been with me through my middle and high school years and it would be hard to break that off BUT I do have issues with some of her writing. She starts off great like always with a potential story line that is intriguing. Sadly as much as I love her she hardly ever delivers. I felt like there could have been so much more to this story... for instance I would have loved for Sydney to actually stay when her dad caught Ames trying to make a move on her, I hate the fact that she never said anything in the first place. How we weren’t able to see her and her brother interact face to face after so long, that would have been nice and lastly, how she went to see David Ibarra but we didn’t get to see her apologize that would have been great because we would have been able to see David’s POV and see how he felt after Sydney explaining all the guilt she had carried all this time. I also wish she would have spoken up to her mom so many times, because man that lady was something else. Like I said I love Sarah Dessen and I’ll still write anything and everything she writes I just felt like this story could have used a little more because the story line was different and great. 