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Shadow Kiss

Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead What even?! This was not supposed to happen. I refuse to believe it happened!

Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover "I've never felt so much at once.
I've never needed to feel more."
Words cannot describe how much I LOVED this book! I am so, so glad this was my first Colleen Hoover book because I just want more and more of her! Such a beautiful story. It definitely had my heart in knots. All of the stars for sure!!!

Champion: A Legend Novel

Champion: A Legend Novel - Marie Lu I am honestly at a loss for words finishing this BEAUTIFUL series that I'm still sort of in a trance.. so I'll probably just be babbling.. haha but I can't believe how long it took me to pick up Legend.. I wish I would have sooner. Nonetheless, this trilogy was EVERYTHING AND MORE. The heart ache that both June and Day go through individually makes my heart shatter in a million pieces! I can't stop thinking about Day collapsing into a coma and waking up and not remember June *sobs* June is seriously so strong after enduring so much.. I couldn't be more proud to see such a huge character development with her in each coming book. I love how in the first book Day told June "Maybe if we had met on the street things would be different." and Marie brings them full circle at the end of Champion. "Hi, I'm Daniel" "Hi, I'm June." Seriously it couldn't have been more perfect. I'm not ashamed to say I finished this at 3:30 in the morning so I fell asleep sobbing about it! This trilogy is forever imprinted in my heart and Day and June are characters I KNOW I will constantly be thinking about in the back of my mind. Marie Lu did an astounding job with this series, and I seriously cannot wait to read more from her and see what else she has in store for us..


Legend - Marie Lu OMG THIS BOOK.


Cress - Marissa Meyer I NEED BOOK FOUR NOW.


Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater HIGHLY doubt i'll continue with this series! :/


Cinder - Marissa Meyer my rating is more like a 3.6ish so went with four stars! To be honest I was expecting Cinder to be Princess Selene! Still a good read though. Starting second book tonight! :)

This Lullaby

This Lullaby - Sarah Dessen Eh. Kind of was expecting THAT ending... it was an OK read. I feel like Dessen is really predictable in her writing but if you want an easy read she's a good go to!

We Were Liars

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart Eh... From everything I have heard from this book I thought it would be better. It was Okay for me.. really nothing special or a plot twist I haven't read before... blah.

The Blood of Olympus


The House of Hades

The House of Hades - Rick Riordan Still can't get over how ridiculously good this book was. The ending with Percabeth always makes me tear up no matter how many times I read it!

The Infinite Sea

The Infinite Sea - Rick Yancey I couldn't finish this book. I read the last chapter because I just didn't care about it. The writing was disappointing. Yancey does not know how to write from a girls perspective. He definitely could use the practice. Nothing really happened in this book. It was just... going without anything really happening. Blah. I'm nit sure i'll give it another chance or if i'll continue with the series. I was really let down especially because I hadn't read a book that had disappointed me in such a long time.

The Last Olympian

The Last Olympian - Rick Riordan I honestly don't know what took me so long to read the Percy Jackson series, but man I am SO glad that I did. Each book after the first one just kept getting better and better. Rick Riordan knows how to write a hell of a book and this one, was pretty much an amazing ending to an amazing series. The whole Percabeth thing going on was freaking cute! The books are just so well written and the story is there. Full of action and you keep coming back for more and more. I'm a little embarrassed to admit I read the last three books all in a matter of two days.. but yes that should tell you just how good of a series this is. I'm excited to start The Heroes of Olympus because I already know that I'm going to love it.. probably even more than this series! Everyone should give Percy a read, you definitely will NOT regret it!

The Giver

The Giver - Lois Lowry I think no matter how much time passes by, this will always be my favorite book ever!!